I am currently a full-time researcher and administrator in the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab, under the direction of Dr. Jamil Zaki.

My research interests span social psychology, political science, and cognitive neuroscience. Broadly, I'm interested in exploring the neural and attitudinal correlates of political partisanship, as well as designing interventions to reduce polarization.

Specifically, I am motivated to identify the affective components that drive polarization at a personal level - for example, moral framing and syntax when structuring appeals. My work employs an array of methodological approaches, ranging from natural language processing and web scraping to more traditional experimental designs. For a primer on my research, see my Master's thesis, developed at NYU under the guidance of Dr. Jon Freeman and Dr. DongWon Oh.

Selected Projects

Quantifying Responses to Debate Night: 100 tweets scraped every minute during the first 2020 Presidential Debate and assessed for semantic valence

Machine Learning in Neuroimaging: Presented to the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab's professional development series (August 2020) | Link to Workshop

NBA Player Value: 2019-2020 player salaries were predicted using stepwise AIC variable selection algorithm (spoiler: LeBron is priceless)